Friday, September 02, 2016


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The Balled of the White Horse, by G. K. Chesterton 
This Was John Calvin, by Thea B. Van Halsema 
Ancient China, by Time Life Books
How the Irish Saved Civilization, by Thomas Cahill - Very cool part of history tying stuff together, felt like the book could have been shorter.
The Fallacy Detective, by Nathaniel Bluedorn and Hans Bluedorn - Definitions, examples, and practice questions. 

*Thor: God of Thunder
Avalon High (disney tv movie) 3/5
Three Guys Named Mike (old black and white) 2/5
At First Sight (Val Kilmer) 2/5
True Genius (Val Kilmer) – Had its moments of hilarity.
The Bachelorette and the Bobby-Soxer (Shirley Temple)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – Sweet and enjoyed it. 2/5
The Legend of Tarzan - Enjoyed the adventure of it. 
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford, Paul Newman)
Bottle Shock (Chris Pine) – Initially watched this because it was prime on Amazon but the story was different and somewhat technical which I like.
*101 Dalmations – Classic Disney at its best.
Pompeii (2014) – Of itself not the best but I love action/adventure.
Testament of Youth (Kit Harrington, Colin Morgan etc.) – Beautiful; I love the title and what it means to the story as a whole.

Parks and Recreation – Amusing, not something I’d watch if I wasn’t multitasking.
The Game of Thrones (first episode) – Loved the fantasy world of castles and magic but not the excessive nudity and gore.
NCIS (first ep.) – Fun but not my thing.
The White Queen – I watched the first couple episodes and enjoyed them but doubt I’ll watch more.
Teen Wolf – Fun, didn’t draw me in enough to continue watching.
White Collar (1/2 1st season) – I love the characters, smart characters are entertaining. 

*watched before

I hope you've had a lovely summer. It's already getting Fall-ish where I live. Did any of you have summer jobs? What did you do? I worked at a French bakery, which was cute but boring by the end of the first day, and the last two weeks at a drama camp for kids (5-8) as an aide. It was the first time I worked at a summer camp. I biked a lot around my neighborhood this summer exploring, which was fun, and I biked to my grandmother's house which took about three hours. 

Did you find any new great books or movies in August? I hope you all have a wonderful September. xx

By the way, any suggestions for music to listen to while running? Thx.


  1. Sounds fun! OMG so much you are doing! I have a few running playlists on spotify under basebody you should take a look at. thymoonseeker is the username. They also have a really awesome running music thing that plays the good part of a song while you run and stuff. CHECK IT OUT!

    1. Oooo awesome and perfect - I just made a spotify account. Thanks Vanessa! :) Spotify is awesome. xx

  2. I had a faze of being absolutely obsessed with NCIS. Once it gets started the first three or four seasons are still some of the best tv crime drama I've seen. Now, with the new seasons, it is literally the worst. How the great fall... :/ Love Parks and Rec. :D And The Testament of Youth! I was really expecting the drama to get annoying in that, and it really impressed me!

    Sounds like you had a great summer! Mine can be summed up in two words: Stranger Things. :D :D

    1. That's too bad about NCIS. Still, four seasons is a decent amount. Testament of Youth was great.

      Ooo I shall look into that. :)