Friday, October 31, 2014

In October

The Magna Charta, James Daugherty
King Arthur and His Knights, Mabel Louise Robinson
Genghis Khan, Harold Lamb
Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo, Richard J. Walsh
Joan of Arc, Nancy Wilson Ross

movies & tv:

*High School Musical 1, 2 & 3 - I really don't know why I love those movies so much.
*The Lucky One
Charlie St. Cloud - It was interesting, psychological themes are always cool to me.
The Rise of the Guardians
Monte Carlo - It's cute and hilariously funny.
Freakish Friday - This and the following were the mother's choices. They were fun...

DW (a couple episodes) - So far this season just doesn't have the appeal for me that previous ones did.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (all episodes but the first two. waa?) - I like how Fitz's story is being told, Iain De Caestecker portrays him well. But the action is getting so brutal - I'm not a fan of that. :/
Downton Abbey (on season 3)
Once Upon a Time (up to date #ohyeah) - Every time I finish an episode I feel like nothing's happend. ha. But I love the characters (Emma, Henry, Hook, etc. [I miss Jefferson though.]) and it's fun to watch.

† Landmark Book
* watched before

Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope you all are having a good day and plenty of chocolate. ;) Are any of you dressing up - what's your costume? Gosh though, this year is going by fast. :/ Did you read/watch any books/movies in October that you particularly liked? 

Happy November! xx


  1. Are those all landmark books? :-D

    1. Yes, they are! Aren't you proud of me? ;) I figured that if I read one each week I'll have read them all by the time I go to I'm working on that.


  2. Like always, I loved reading this post! Hehe, next time you have a HSM marathon, let me join you! :D And Candleshoe is an old favorite of mine.
    Sorry you aren't enjoying DW so much this season! Such a bummer. There's been a few things that's annoyed me about it (Clara is not quite herself, I think), but I have enjoyed it a lot overall.

    1. hehe I'm glad you like 'em, Hannah. :) That would be so fun! I wish we could, it's just we live kinda far apart.... Candleshoe was sweet - that part about the butler dressing up and pretending to be the different people just to be sweet was so dear.

      Yeah, I'm sorry too. :/ I know what you mean about Clara. But I'm giving up on it - my little sister likes watching it and always asks me to watch it with her (which makes me feel happy) so I do sometimes.


  3. Downton Abbey. <3 Such a fun, cozy, fall kind of show. Eat lots of chocolate too! (:

    1. I know exactly what you mean. :) And I love fall. I'll do my best, thank you, Katie! ;)


  4. I have read "King Arthur and His Knights" Good book...