Friday, November 01, 2013

In October



I read [to completion]:

 The Story of Scotland Yard, Laurence Thomson

 Winston Churchill, Quentin Reynolds
One of my favorite quotes is "Never give in! Never, Never, Never, Never - in nothing great or small, large or petty - never give in except in convictions of honor and good sense." And after reading Winston Churchill  I think the quote describes the man pretty well. I never quite understood his full meaning before. Surely, he was a man to never give in, in anything great or small, large or petty, except to convictions of honor and good sense; and, perhaps, that wasn't always the best thing, but I think he was perfectly fitted to be Prime Minister of Great Britain during W.W.2 and the never give in part of his character was a large part of that. "During his life he had the necessary strength to rise above defeat, the integrity to stand alone for the sake of his convictions, the courage to demand sacrifice and fortitude from the English people at their most trying time in history" - Winston Churchill, Quentin Reynolds

Chronicles of Avonlea, L. M. Montgomery
Made up of a bunch of short stories evolving mostly well-known characters from the Anne of Green Gables books. It's nice, but nothing especially great like some of Montgomery's other books.

Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand 
Very, very good book. Tough to read at times - most times - but it's good. I wouldn't recommend it lightly, but, sometime, when you're ready, read it. I'd have to say it's on - or at least very close to being on - my favorite books list.

Persuasion, Jane Austen 
I actually liked this book! :) I've tried reading Jane Austen before but it didn't work out. Persuasion, however, I did like and enjoyed. (The only reason I tried to read it in the first place is 'cause my sister told me to.) I like the main character, Ann (I think that's her name...).

The Story of the Secret Service, Ferdinand Kuhn
Another neat book.

I watched:

*Leap Year
*Return To Cramford
*Lady and the Tramp
*Emma (1996)
Once upon a Time
Cheyenne, season one
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Burn Notice, a couple of episodes

*Books/movies I've read/watched before.
† Landmark Book

Did you read/watch anything in October you liked especially? I'd love to hear about it! :)


  1. Wow, you read quite a bit. I didn't get around to reading anything I wanted to last month, like Dracula and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. :(

    I did get to see some great movies for the first time during October, including Clue and National Treasure. :)


    1. Well, I love I can't exactly help it! :) That's too bad! Maybe this month you can. :)
      Cool! National Treasure is fun, how did you like it? I don't remember hearing of Clue before...I shall precede to go look it up! :)

  2. LADY AND THE TRAMP! i read unbroken a while back, it was good! i liked it. i read it while on a road trip, and it was pretty slow sometimes, but so, so SO intense at others. i heard they're making a movie about it?

    1. ISN'T IT MARVELOUS!! :) Lady is so sweet!!! :)
      I liked it too - but you know that! :) Yeah, I heard they've made a movie of it, but that's all I've heard.

  3. Ooh, I loved Persuasion!! Course I loved all of Austen's books... :) Which version of Emma did you watch?

    1. Cool! :) I watched the 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow...I like it a lot. :)

    2. Awesome, I think that's the best version, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam are the best, but it's very close with the 09 mini-series with Ramola Garai. Have you seen that one?

    3. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of my favorite actresses. :) I haven't seen the mini series but it's one my watch-list.

  4. Unbroken is such a good book. Agreed, it's tough, but eye opening.
    Persuasion is my favorite book by Jane Austen, and it's probably her least well known.
    I love the show Merlin.

    1. Yes, it really is.
      Yeah, most people seem to think of Pride and Prejudice. Persuasion is also my favorite of her books...but it's also the only one I've read. :)
      ME TOO! :) I have't finished it though...I've only seen up to season four. How about you Victoria? Have you finished it?
      Thanks for commenting!

  5. "Persuasion" is my favorite Austen book too! If you want to try another shorter one, I find "Northanger Abbey" really funny.

    1. Cool! :) Okay, thanks for the recommendation!

    2. BTW, is that Cheyenne you watched the western starring Clint Walker? If so, I love that show!!!

    3. Yes, it is. The old black & white series. :) Really? I do too! :) I've just seen the first season but there seem to be at least seven!

    4. I've got the first two seasons and the others are on my Christmas list :-) I saw 2 or 3 episodes when I was a kid and became a fan immediately -- Cheyenne Bodie has been one of my heroes ever since. Isn't he wonderful? So noble and kind and upright. And handsome, can't forget handsome. And those shoulders! Zowie.

    5. Haha, yeah. Mostly I just notice how tall he is. :) What is it? six-six? He reminds me a little of the Virginian (from the book of the same name).

    6. Yup, 6'6". And still alive! Check out sometime, if you haven't already. And you're right, he would've made a fabulous Virginian.

      Have you ever seen the old TV show The Virginiain? Not a ton of similarities with the book, but an enjoyable show. There's a TV movie version from around 1999 that was really good, too -- stars Bill Pullman as The Virginian, and sticks pretty close to the book.

    7. I know! Okay, now I'm looking at the website..."The Big Guy Himself", haha, that's great. That's a cool site, thanks for sharing! :)

      Yes, I have heard of them but never seen them. I love the book and I'm rather shy of watching a movie or tv series based off it. :)

    8. Well, if you're looking for something true to the book, definitely skip the TV series. In it, Trampas is The Virginian's sidekick!!! I actually saw the show first, and absolutely loved Trampas, and then hunted up the book when I was like 11 and was very shocked to find he was the bad guy! Hee. But anyway, if it's a very beloved book, I understand the hesitation. My favorite book is Jane Eyre, and no filmed adaptation has ever matched the book. Some are really enjoyable in their own right, though.

    9. Oh, really?! Weird. :)

      Well, that makes perfect sense if it's your favorite book. :)