Friday, October 11, 2013

When I let the Squirrels Drive

There are certain things about me that drive me nuts. I over-think things; I over-rationalize; I like showing off; I'm judgmental; I think myself into a little corner of selfyness and stick there for a length of time until I finally realize where I am and go, "that's why I was so unhappy/weird!" Yeah, I do that: drives me nuts.
I don't know what this post is meant to be about but I just feel like expounding on things that drive m-- I've already said that phrase too many times.
When I'm arguing I rarely raise my voice (btw, this is all coming from me, a very prejudiced opinion. If you want good solid facts you can take to the bank ask an observer, not me) it just gets kinda lower and slower, and I start over-rationalizing, over-this-ing, and over-that-ing. Drives me nuts, and siblings too.
Oh, and then there's this other thing I do that drives me nuts: whenever I'm - okay, this one is a littler harder to explain - when I really get something, when there's something really quite sad, when the time has come to be serious, when I'm frustrated; trying to explain myself; plain old potato annoyed: I start laughing. It's bad. Really bad. Funerals? Stories of loved one's deaths? Understanding...anything deeply and I'm off my seat laughing. Laughing till the tears come and my face is contorted and red and I've no breath left. Can I just say one thing more? IT DRIVES ME NUTS. It's not 'cause I'm heartless or whatever it's 'cause that's just the way I handle...stuff, and it just happens to be that I "handle stuff" in a very self-irritating way. Very. But it can be handy too. I keep imagining myself confronted by a bunch of bad-guys and seriously scared and, therefore, laughing my face off till they think I'm psycho....
There're a lot more, but I'm done. Aren't you glad?! :) Thanks for listening.


  1. Have to say, I really enjoyed this post! I too am too judgemental and like showing off. Something that I hate about myself is that when I'm arguing with someone and they're right, I just keep going and say something utterly ridiculous because for some reason I cannot admit that I'm wrong. I can't stand it when I do that. Crazy, huh?

    1. Hehe, I'm glad you did! :) I'm so glad you can relate! It's weird how people are built...I can't stand so many things about myself and yet I do 'cause they're still there - and it's so annoying!

  2. YES! ok we're very alike. I feel ya kid. lol.

  3. Hm. :) Much like Christina L said, I also like showing off, but I hate myself for it. :p And with arguments...I'm like that too. haha
    Funny I just saw something that said "Nobody can drive you crazy if you don't give them the keys." I thought of that when I started reading this post. :)