Thursday, May 02, 2013

Here's a little thing I wrote..

We held six stones one night,
One star shone in the sky,
Leading us east forever
Towards the rising sun.

We held four stones at dawn,
Three stones shimmered and died.
For when the sun rises the stars go out,
The moon dies in the dawn.

The old lights world is past.
The moon and its hope,
The stars and their promise;
They were only ever an echo.

Now the stones have gone
We've found the sun at last.
And seeing it we see a star-
He said the moon was hope;
That stars were promises
Of more than we can see.

Right before, we’ll trust him now.
And see old stones as suns.


  1. Wow. that is beautiful. goodness. love you!!! a few corrections though: should be "at dawn"; "old lights world" doesn't quite make sense, though I know what you mean; "it's hope" should be its; also "right before" doesn't make sense...I think you mean right as in correct?

    1. I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for the grammar/spell check - very helpful. :) Yeah... probably doesn't make that much sense... it's for my story, so it's out of context. :) Yes, 'right' as in correct. I love you too H.!!!