Wednesday, June 07, 2017

summer playlist | 2017

- Summer begins June 21 and ends September 22 -

1: Adam Levine is my happy music. 
2: This summer's theme song is Something Just Like This.
3: I want to know what your summer songs are.

I've been reading books of old
the legends and the myths...
and clearly I don't see myself upon that list
but she said, "where'd you wanna go?
how much you wanna risk?
I'm not looking for somebody
with some superhuman gifts...
just something I can turn to
somebody I can kiss...
I want something just like this"

if I showed you my flaws 
if I couldn't be strong
tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?...
tell me, tell me, do you need me?
tell me, tell me, do you love me?

got you stuck on my body
on my body like a tattoo

I'm at a payphone trying to call home
all of my change I spent on you

this is the golden age of something good
and right and real

I can't ever be brave
'cause you make my heart race...
so get out, get out, get out of my head
and fall into my arms instead

and now you're saying you're leaving California...
pack your things and go,
but if you run away
I won't be alright...
even if the sun crashes into us
I won't let go, I won't let go

maybe it's the way that she walked
straight into my heart and stole it

so baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
that I know you can't afford...
we ain't ever getting older
we ain't ever getting older

we were lying on your couch, I remember
you took a Polaroid of us
then discovered
the rest of the world was black and white
and we were in screaming color

and now your song is on repeat
and I'm dancin' to your heartbeat...
so if you want the truth
I just wanna be part of your symphony

who are we? just a speck of dust within the galaxy?...
don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow
yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer
turn the page maybe we'll find a brand new ending
where we're dancing in our tears 

'cause everyone wants someone
that's one cliche that's true
except you I want no one
unless that someone's you
it looks like you
feels like you
smiles like you
I want someone just like you

just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose...
thunder, feel the thunder

no better you than the you that you are
no better life than the life that we live


  1. Payphone and Out of the Woods are such great songs <3 I think I'll be listening to a lot of Ingrid Michaelson and The Script this summer.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. yesss. ooo sounds good.

  2. "One Thing"-- One Direction isn't my favorite band, but I love the song. <3 And I agree! Adam Levine has something in his voice (it's his falsetto) that just makes people want to stop and listen.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. I love it too. Yes! His voice is amazing.

      Thanks for commenting Abigail <33