Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 - 2016

My favorite thing from 2015 was Disneyland, meeting Chip and company at the Plaza Inn and then Cap and Thor, and getting a d-land 60th anniversary hat and Cap and Thor signing it. And it was fun just wandering around the park by myself with money earned from my summer job, buying food and stuff and going on the little train. Like a mini world. haha. And of course the rides are fun. Cap was really nice. I asked him if he'd found Bucky yet and he asked me if I'd seen Ant Man yet, and stayed after the credits, etc. I was awkward, but it was fun. 

I know myself a lot better than last year, which is something. And because of that I'm a lot more confident, which is also something. And I've realized confidence is just the exercise of a muscle everyone has. Another very important thing to note is I began buying Marvel comics in 2015; I now have a very tidy stack of them on my shelf. I skipped doing monthly posts for June and August, but everyone else is here:

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Favorite movies that came out this year: Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation and Cinderella
Favorite new TV series: Daredevil
Favorite songs: A Sky full of Stars by Coldplay and I Lived by One Republic
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Three most popular movie reviews: TomorrowlandThe MartianThe Imitation Game

have courage and be kind:
These are just some things to work on in 2016. They're not in any order, two and four are most important.

There're a lot of books on my shelf. In those monthly posts I only list the books I've finished reading, there are always more I'm working on. On average in 2015 I read about a book a week. Not muy mucho (I know that's wrong. I'm sorry). I rarely read books more than once, so I read slower than I would otherwise, and also I'm not good at sitting still for long periods of time - whenever I sit down I start thinking about all the other profitable things I could be doing, and there're only so many things I can think of before I get up and start working on them. And that's because the books I make myself read are not easily engrossing. Or they're thought stimulating. And that's because when I was about twelve I decided it would be good for me to read Shakespeare. So I forced myself to read Richard III (it was the one most handy). And I liked it. Not in the same way that I liked The Color Fairy Books or E. Nesbit's children books, but it was interesting. So I kept on sticking books-that-would-be-good-for-me on my shelf. And they're really cool. And interesting. The Trachtenberg System of Basic Mathematics (very cool). Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy (very interesting). All that's to say, goal one: read more this year.

I want to work hard. Learn a lot. Grow. Do stuff. I don't know exactly what. But stuff. A lot of it. But Hannah said it best. Goal two: be content.

My little sister is into fashion and design and make up (and she's really good), but I'm still learning what styles suit me, what I like and feel comfortable in - so goal three is to find that out.

I feel like I haven't accomplished very much recently, because I try too hard to perfect everything. But to start a new project you have to move on from the last. I have to stop trying to make everything perfect. Goal four: learn to live with the fact that what I do and make won't be perfect so that I can move on and work on new projects.

My mom gave me The World of Pooh for Christmas. And, let's be honest here, however much I love The Lord of the Rings and The Once and Future King, it's my favorite book. If you've read it I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say the last chapter always makes me cry. It's when Christopher Robin is getting ready to start school and says goodbye to Pooh. And then, "Still with his eyes on the world Christopher Robin put out a hand and felt for Pooh's paw". That's rather how I feel.

So. Happy new year. Here come Doctor Whoish words: I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic, brilliant and cool year. But really, may you laugh and learn a lot. And may we all breathe steady on May 6. You all rock. xx

Act,— act in the living Present! 
Heart within, and God o'erhead! 
(The Psalm Of Life Poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

This post is beginning to sound like one long benediction.


  1. so many beautiful gems in this post. first, favorite new TV series: Daredevil (ASDFGHJKL YES) and then your goals for the new year. because oh girl. those goals are what I would want to accomplish in 2016 too. I want to grow, to learn, to be WILLING to learn, to be content, to read. ❣

    thank you for writing and sharing :)
    xxx-nameless writing

  2. 2015 was a pretty crammed-full-of-new-stuff year for me too.

    Your Goal Two is something I'm always working on, myself. Contentedness used to come easier to me than it has lately.

    BTW, I tagged you here with the Blogging-About-Blogs tag. Play if you want to :-)

    1. Thanks Hamlette! :) I hope you have (are having) a great year!

  3. One Question.. Where do you get those awesome pictures for your blogs..??

  4. I tagged you on my blog! :) Good luck with 2016!! :D