Thursday, October 01, 2015

In September

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John James Audubon, by Margaret and John Kieran
First Overland Mail, by Robert Pinkerton

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation - Probably the best MI movie yet and basically perfect.
Survivor (2015) - About a third of the way through I found myself thinking "this is a good movie". It was, but not particularly memorable.
*Jack the Giant Slayer - I love adventure movies.
Safe Haven - I liked it pretty well, until the ending where there was an uncalled for plot twist.
About a Boy (2002) - I really loved this story.
*X-Men: Days of Future Past ♥
Hop - It was cute but lacked something emotionally and the story felt a little loose.
Hotel Transylvania - It had its fun and sweet moments. 
Mr Peabody and Sherman - It had its moments, but didn't click for me.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Same.

tv series:
Cheyenne (random episodes from various seasons)
*Flash (rewatching season one with el padre) - Starts again in five days. Whooo ♥
Once Upon a Time (finished season four) - Yay it's started again.
Just Add Water (about two episodes)
Psych - Because it always makes me laugh and that's good.

† Landmark Book
* seen before

What books and movies did you enjoy especially in September? Or what was your favorite thing that happened last month? Happy October lovelies! xx


  1. I totally agree with you; Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is perfect. haha!!
    I also watched Hotel Transylvania 2. It was okay, a mix of funny parts and lame parts with a touch of boring bits in the front.

    Loved this post. I'll check out the TV series and books you mentioned! Thanks for posting. :)


    1. YES. I watched Hotel Transylvania 1 this month! It was pretty good - basically how you described the second.

      Thank you so much, and thanks for commenting xx

  2. Oh, Safe Haven. Loved that movie and felt the same way about the plot twist! haha
    I didn't really like Hop, so I agree with you there as well.
    Ahhh Once Upon A Time!! I finally finished season 4 last month too! Love this show so much! and Psych!

    Ummm my favorite thing that happened last month was probably when my sister and brother in law came to visit. :) It's always good to see them.

    I always love these monthly roundup posts- it's interesting to see what you've been reading and watching, and sometimes find something I want to check out. :)

    xx Sarah

    1. Agree, agree, agree, agree. And we're both Sarah's. Girl, we need to form a club.

      Aw, family's the best.

      Thanks so much Sarah, I like doing them. ;)


  3. "I've heard it both ways." Psych is love, Psych is life.

    Sounds like an entertainment-packed month ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  4. Ahhhhhh. Rogue Nation. I totally agree -- best M:I yet, and definitely, definitely perfect. Ilsa was just... wow. And I adore Benji. :D

    About a Boy is so cute! And I just find it so hilarious that that awkward little kid grew up into Nicholas Hoult. XD

    1. Yes! Ilsa was great! I loved her and Hunt's non-romantic, business/friend relationship. And of course, there is no other Benji than Benji.

      haha yeah.

  5. Wait... Cheyenne? As in, western show starring Clint Walker? Did I know you're a fan and just forget? Because I adore that series!!! If that's the same series... I feel like so few people nowadays know that show that maybe there's another show with the same name?

    I love DOFP, as pretty much everyone knows by now. And Jack the Giant Slayer is great fun! I was very pleased with that movie -- it doesn't pretend or desire to be anything other than a rollicking adventure.

    1. haha Yes, that Cheyenne. Yeah, we have talked about it before. :D On the back cover of the dvd set I have it describes Cheyenne as "6 foot 6 of cowboy brawn, integrity and courage". I thought that was perfect. :)

      Jack the Giant Slayer was fun, I love adventure stories. The one thing I didn't care for about it though was the ending - the very ending with the boy looking at the crown in the museum. I felt like it took the focus away from the best things about the movie at the very end without really adding anything. But other than that I liked it. :)

    2. Okay, good, I'm glad we've talked about that before. And yes! That's a perfect description of him :-)

      Yeah, the ending's a little bit shrug-worthy, but the rest is great fun. Ewan MacGregor is always a good time.

  6. Flash, OUAT, Just Add Water, and Psych. That's the recipe for a perfect evening. :)

    1. Yes. :D Thanks for commenting, Laura xx