Friday, August 07, 2015

In July

The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, by Chris Colfer - It was fun, predictable with a plot similar to the first book, but still entertaining.
Mere Christianity, by C. S. Lewis - I'm glad I read this one. Lewis asks questions and states facts fearlessly. I love his precision.
Silas Marner, by George Elliot - Listened to this one in the car. It took a long time to get anywhere, but I think that's the style. It had some insights about people.

**Warm Bodies - It was really sweet, which I hadn't expected it to be. I's one of the better movies out there, and it has a good ending.
**The Way Way Back - I felt like I could really relate to the story. Its PG-13 content makes it something I wouldn't exactly recommend, but I really appreciated the movie and its story and themes.
*Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - Wasn't interesting to me, though it did have more thinking than the average western animated film.
***^October Sky - Great movie. Great acting, great music, great story.
**Back to the Future (1, 2 and 3) - Really fun movies that definitely deserve to be classics, esp. the first.
***The Lego Movie - I hadn't expected to like this one, but it was clever and surreal-ly funny (my favorite kind of humor) and I really did.
*The Road to el Dorado - Had some funny moments, but not worth the time.
**Monsters University - Actually liked this better than the first movie. Has a good story.
**Midnight in Paris - Watched it because it's my grandfather's favorite movie and for T. Hiddleston. It was like a pretty picture of a thought. So it was a little slow, with pretty views and music, and finally the punch line at the end. I enjoyed it pretty well, but it wasn't as much as I'd thought it would be.
*Minions - It was decently funny, but long.
***^Pirates of the Caribbean (1, 2, 3 and 4) - I love Jack Sparrow. The music is awesome and they're fun. Curse of the Black Pearl is best.
***^Captain Blood - It's perfect as what it is and I love it.
*The Son of Captain Blood - Wasn't really worth it, but watched it for the original.
**^Robin Hood (1938) - Just as good as Captain Blood, but I don't like it as much.
***Chocolat - This movie is basically perfect. I love the ideas it deals with and Johnny Depp is always great.
***^Peter Pan (2003) - Another basically perfect movie, It carries the same heart of the book.
**The Spiderwick Chronicles - I like Highmore and it was a pretty good action/fantasy, but the ending wasn't quite satisfying.
**What's Eating Gilbert Grape - Another good story, well told. Johnny Depp and DiCaprio are great.
**Edward Scissorhands - I really enjoyed it and came very close to really liking it, with its whimsical sets and fairy-tale story, but again the ending wasn't quite satisfying.
**AntMan - Funny and fast paced it's juts what it should be. Though the post credits scene would have been worth a two-hour wait either way.
**Benny and Joon - Another good story, full of hope and love. The music suits it perfectly. Again Johnny Depp was great.
*Cry Baby - It was funny in its own way, but mostly just weird. I liked the music though.

*no, **okay-good, *** yes (for series rating is for first movie) | ^ seen before

Scorpion (season one) - It's a little contrived, but still pretty smart and funny, though not my favorite characters.
Mr Robot (first three episodes) - I'd been looking forward to watching this one and saw the first three episodes before stopping because of some of the TV-14 content. However it's very smart and (happy dance) accurate when it comes to computers and tech in general.
old Donald Duck cartoons - Watched some in the car, they're cute.
21 Jump Street (first three seasons) - I like that each episode is its own story. I love the main characters, Judy, Harry Ioki, Doug, and Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp). I love Tom's boy scout-ness, the 80s music, and it's funny. The quality does go down after season two though.


I hope you all are having a wonderful summer (or winter, depending on where you live). I'm getting ready to start school again, end my summer job (same one as last year) and move. I mentioned I felt like I could relate to the story of The Way Way Back - in it 14 year old Duncan goes on vacation and gets a job working at water park. It's his own special place where friends are and a home away from a difficult family life. In the end when vacation is over he has to leave and says goodbye. It was sad, but it was clear that the main thing to Duncan was that that water park and the people there had been an awesome and just good thing in his life. I'm glad I'm moving. We're actually going back to where we moved from two years ago. The part that sucks is I feel like just as I've begun to make friends with people from work and enjoy those relationships I have to say goodbye. 

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to leave everything you know and everything that knows you? I do. I'm looking forward to when I go off by myself and do my own thing. I'm glad I'm moving. But I'm not sure I'm glad we're moving back to where we used to live. I feel like if I'm gonna start over I want to start over, not re-meet a bunch of people. When we moved originally I was 14 and didn't have a bunch of friends (besides you lovely people. mainly because I wasn't around a lot of people, one of the cons of home school) so it's not like I'm moving back to a bunch of close friends, just people-I-know. I feel like it's hard to start over where people know you. I don't know. Right now I guess I'm mostly just impatient for the whole moving thing to be over with and to be settled into my new room. I'm gonna get a Winter Soldier poster for my wall. That's something to look forward to anyway. (By the way, I'm not sure which to get so what do you guys think: 1) Bucky 2) I'd probably get this one if it were regular size 3) or just standard everybody bein' cool, except Bucky's really small.)

Anyway, what are you all up to? Any good books or movies lately? Be safe and be awesome. xx


  1. Out of all of the Bucky poster choices, I'd choose the first one, but that's just me. ^.^ The only movies I have watched in July are Minions, Inside Out, and Ant-Man-- all of them were good movies. Not that many book were read (Mere Christianity? LUCKY) in July, because of vacation and the lack of trips to the library. >.<

    xoxo Morning

    1. I'm leaning towards that one too...thanks. :) Those movies were fun. xx

  2. OH MY GOSH YOU WATCHED THE WAY WAY BACK AND YOU LIKED IT I'M SO HAPPY! I love that movie -- it is SO relatable! One of my all-time favorites (in spite of occasionally iffy content :P ). Man though, you were really busy with the movies this month! I loved Warm Bodies too. Was it the first time you watched the Back to the Future trilogy? The first is the best. :D The Lego Movie! Love. Midnight in Paris! Adore. Ant-Man! Like, I feel like Ant-Man is... like... a movie I made in a different life or something. It was just so wonderfully familiar. :D Watched a lot of Johnny Depp, huh? I liked What's Eating Gilbert Grape too, and keep meaning to see Benny and Joon. And Pirates 1 is awesome, but I don't really like the others. :P

    I have the exact same story regarding Mr. Robot. I was very disappointed to have to quit. I really liked the lead.

    I hope your move goes well, and you're able to reconnect with your old friends! (Or maybe even make some new ones!) I've never even moved away, so I have no idea what that must be like, but I imagine I wouldn't like it.

    I think you should go with the first Bucky poster. :)

    I recently saw Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation at the theaters, and it is hands down my favorite movie of the year so far. :D So much awesomeness!

    1. Yes! I really did like it. :) I'm glad you recommended it to me. I'd seen the first Back to the Future movie a looong time ago so yes this was the first time. haha Yeah I started with Pirates and then I was just like "I wonder what else there is...". Benny and Joon was really sweet. Yeah the first Pirates movie is best...the rest I just like for Captain Jack and the music.

      Yeah I was sad about that too.

      Thanks, Sarah! :)

      Okay, I zink I vill.



  3. "I feel like it's hard to start over where people know you."

    ^WORD. so so true. i thought it was just me, man. the entire time i was reading the end of your post i was going "yes yes yes yes yes yes ugh yes yes" heh. relatable much <3

    also, all the posters look so good to me, but i would pick the first bucky poster too (; also mere christianity is dang awesome too. xx

    1. Thank you so much for understanding that just makes me feel so much better. You're awesome. hugs.

      Looks like that one's winning hands down. :) Yes it is. :D


  4. LOVE the "Pirates" movies and of course, Peter Pan is really fun. Warm Bodies is darling! One of my favorites - which shocked me.

    Scorpion became my new "guilty pleasure" show this last fall. I adore the characters, and the more "lighthearted" take on a crime drama. Still have to watch the final two episodes. Oh, and yeah, I didn't even finish the pilot of Mr. Robot. It was way too different from USA's usual fare (sort of disappointing, really), plus I didn't care for its messages.

    Good luck with your move. :)

    1. I know I was really surprised by how much I liked it too!

      I watched most of Scorpion with my mom, which was fun. :) Yeah it's nice to see a more lighthearted take on the whole crime drama thing.

      Thank you! xx


    Definitely go with Bucky. Who doesn't want him on their wall? I think the first one looks best.

    I'm about the same with friends and such; I haven't got many real ones, just "people-I-know" as you put it. I'm so hoping that I get to move (hopefully down south) sometime before I graduate.

    You've certainly seen a lot of movies recently!

    O | Life as a Young Lady


      Okay that one won. :)

      I hear yah. I hope you meet some awesome new people soon that you can relate with and all that. x

      haha Yeah I was cleaning my room...deep cleaning my room.

  6. Wow, I really like the idea of monthly recaps. It certainly does motivate you to post more!

    You're moving?! Good luck.

    Also, I'm going to just put this out there: I haven't seen that movie. I do like the poster where it's everyone more, but it's your call. I have no idea.

    BTW, you're nominated!:

    1. Yeah it does! :)

      Thank you!

      haha Okay, thanks for the input. :)

      Aw, thanks! xx

  7. Aw, gosh. I've never had to experience moving but every time I think about the option it seems like it would be super difficult to leave friends and family you've gotten really close to. You'll get through it, though. ♥ I also love your recapped film and book reviews. Me and my sister have been staying up late and watching older movies -- I really enjoyed Roman Holiday because Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. <3 It was kind of slow, but dialogue and chemistry yes.
    I hope you're having a fabulous summer!


    1. That sounds like fun. :) Audrey Hepburn is lovely. Have you seen How to Steal a Million with her and Peter O'Toole? That one's good too. Thank you, you too! xx

  8. ANTTMAAANNN. Okay I'll stop. I didn't really like Minions, like you said, it was a bit long.

    Lovely recap :)


    1. ANTMANNNNN! The post credits scene though. :'( And Antony. :) Yeah Minions was just kinda kept going.

      Thanks. :)