Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In March


To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee - (for school) Really liked this book.
The Persian Cinderella, by Shirley Climo - The illustrations are so pretty.
The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne - (for school) Didn't care for it.

*Captain America: The Winter Soldier ♥ ♥
*Days of Future Past ♥
Jupiter Ascending
*The Vow
*Meet the Robinsons ♥
Cinderella (2015)
*Cinderella (1950)
Lilo and Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch
Once Upon A Time (including some old episodes 'cause sometimes I miss Jefferson) ♥
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ♥
Madame Secretary
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

*watched before
week posts: one & two

Well, this month went by quick. I hope it was a good one for you all. For me it was full of a lot of thinking and writing and arranging sticky notes on my mirror and wall. And it was full of stress about school and stuff.

Around the middle of this month I finished another journal, I've been going through them quicker and quicker, this one only lasted four months. It's strange how stuff stays the same for a long time and then suddenly changes, or at least it feels that way though it's probably all gradually developing and the big breakthrough isn't that much of a difference; it was like that with this journal. Somewhere in it my journaling changed and I started writing honestly and clearly, and my handwriting got much smaller and tidier.

So I was thinking I would put some goals at the end of this month post of things I want to work on especially next month, or habits I want to work on building; putting them here would give me more motivation. If any of you want to you, put a couple goals or things you want to work on in April in a comment and in the comments of April's post we can give each other virtual fist bumps for doing or just trying whatever it was. And don't worry about them sounding silly, just look at mine: a) floss every night b) drink at least three glasses of water each day. So what do you think?

Have a wonderful April xx

Sunday, March 22, 2015

These Past Two Weeks - March 8

favorite film (spoiler free; numbers are my ratings):
Meet the Robinsons | 4.7/5
Lewis is a twelve year old orphan depressed at the failure of his latest invention and losing hope of ever finding a family when a mysterious boy appears out of nowhere and whisks him away to the future to stop the evil Bowler Hat Guy. There's a strong theme of family throughout the movie, as well as the idea that mistakes are progress as long as you (say it with me) keep moving forward. It's just a dear movie, sweet, funny, and very Disney-hearted.

Cinderella | 4.5/5
Cinderella holds true to the fairy tale and Disney movie. The visuals are very pretty and the colors simply gorgeous - one of my favorite things about the movie. Derek Jacobi and Richard Madden are perfectly cast as the king and prince, their scenes together were my favorite, and Lily James is lovely as Ella. Cinderella is beautifully told and pretty to look at, but it never quite clicked for me. I think that was because the movie is more drawn by the time honored series of events than by character development. But that's not to say I didn't like it.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland | 5/5
In a one season spin off series of ABC's Once Upon a Time various characters from Once work with and against Alice as she fights the Red Queen and Jafar to reunite with her fiance. The mix of Wonderland and Agrabah - white rabbits and genies - is clever, as is the plot, and each episode is full and fun and moves the story forward. I've always loved Persian art and stories and I love Wonderland, so I loved this mix. The main characters are great: tough, smart, and goodhearted. Overall it's clever, fun, and I love the characters; I actually like this spin off series better than OUAT itself. (Wonderland can stand alone from OUAT, otherwise I think it fits in after season 3. Have any of you seen it?)

favorite quotes:
'Tis easy enough to be pleasent, when life flows along like a song; but the man worth while
is the man who will smile when everything goes dead wrong. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"Don't you worry about anything," he said. "It's not time to worry." -  from To Kill a Mockingbird

The way new tennis shoes feel
Reading To Kill a Mockingbird 
Bronze-gold eye shadow
Coffee - I've loved the smell of it for years but never liked the actual drink before
Sitting curled up in my bean bag watching movies (The Vow Cinderella)
Shooting hoops in the early morning on the driveway with coffee and the dog
Violin lessons - I have the best teacher ever
Watching Meet the Robinsons with my mom who'd never seen it before
Playing The Throne Room from Star Wars on my violin
The Leap Year and Father of the Bride (1991) soundtracks
Getting to the theater way early to see Cinderella and talking to other early comers
Spending a full hour explaining OUAT in Wonderland to my dad
Bert's Bees lip balm
Beautiful weather

favorite songs:
You'll Be in My Heart, by Phil Collins
Alice, by Avril Lavigne
Why Not, by Jonsi
Awake My Soul, by Mumford and Sons

I'd love to hear what some of your favorites have been lately.
Hope you all have a great week. xx

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Imitation Game | Review

(this review is spoiler-free)

The Imitation Game tells the story of British mathematician Alan Turing as he and his colleagues work to crack the German code Enigma during World War II. The story is intriguing, though from what I’ve read many details (greater and lesser) from the true story are changed or dramatized in the movie.   

In terms of picture - color, light, cinematography - The Imitation Game is one of most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. The quality of the storytelling, script, camera, acting, et cetera, was superb. The main characters were strong and so was the cast. Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley are two of my favorite actors and they both did particularly well in The Imitation Game.

Not many people besides the story’s central characters are shown, but the few short scenes  that include the Londoners during the blitz were used well to give a feel of the people. The sets were beautiful. Three different periods of Turing’s life are constantly shown throughout the film and the handling of the different times is skillfully done.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Alan Turing was fascinating. Turing’s mannerisms - especially his hesitant voice - were taken on so well. Cumberbatch has such a talent for playing dramatic characters; it’s a sort of joy to watch someone so good at what they do.

As I understand Turing as he’s depicted in The Imitation Game differs from Turing as he was in real life, everything I write here is in reference to the movie only. Turing is an interesting character and the story as it follows his character never falls old. He had difficulties understanding people; jokes, interpreting faces. There’s an interesting parallel between Turing and the machine created to crack Enigma: the machine decodes messages, the messages are there for anyone to find, but the trick is understanding them; because of his trouble reading faces, for Alan there’s no great difference between deciphering a code and understanding people. Cumberbatch plays Turing’s moods and emotions so well: his pleased smile, fear of violence, rudeness (by accident or choice). Turing’s homosexuality is mentioned a lot, perhaps more than was necessary to the story itself. Turing was brilliant and had a genius for numbers and codes. It’s true that being alone doesn’t mean one’s lonely. But people in a crowd often are, and Alan was in a crowd: a crowd of ‘normal’ people he couldn’t seem to fit into. Half the time I watched in complete admiration of Turing’s mind, and the other half aching for his confusion; he was lost in that crowd, confused and hurting.

One scene that I especially liked was when Alan as a young boy asks his friend what the difference is between code - encrypted message - and speaking - where everyone talks, and no one says what they mean. It was such a poignant insight into Alan’s mind.

I like movies that make me think, that make me interested in and want to learn about things, and Imitation Game did just that. The story is well told and interesting, the movie visually beautiful, and the acting great. But I loved Imitation Game not for its story, but for a story well told.

favorite line: When people talk to each other, they never say what they mean. 
They say something else and you're expected to just know what they mean. (Alan Turing)

MPPA rating: PG-13 (for some sexual references, mature thematic material and historical smoking)
Directed by
Written by  (book),  (screenplay)
Time: 114 min
Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat
Release year: 2014
Rating: (RT) 89%; (IMDb) 8.2/10

Sunday, March 08, 2015

This Week, March 1

This interview
Randomly going shopping with my mom for ten minutes
Reading The Invasion, by C. S. Lewis
The 'babysitting' scene in X-Men 2
Playing Phantom of the Opera music on my violin
Listening to Awesome Mix Vol.1 in the car with my mom
Cheesy tortilla chips. Just, yes.
Ramin Karimloo's awesome voice as the Phantom
When you convince your siblings to give you head rubs
Singing random songs (e.g. Music of the Night, Agony, Non Nobis Domine) with meh sibs

favorite song:
All I Ask of You, from Phantom of the Opera, sung by Sierra Boggess and Hadley Fraser (x)
Immortals, by Fall Out Boy
favorite quote:
Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while
others are playing; and dream while others are wishing. - William Arthur Ward

The Captain America comic book I ordered came this week and I read the first bit. I love the illustrations. I love comics, they're so cool, and different. I love how visual they are. And I love how, like a movie, the panels/pictures are set up to tell as much as possible about the story, every detail adds to it. The story itself seems like it's going to be pretty good, it started well. But I think I'm gonna save reading the rest of it til I finish school for the year or something, as a reward.

I guess I do these weekly posts to remind myself of the good things all through the week as I jot this list down. 'Cause it's not like everything is perfect or happy, but there's still a lot of good, and making this list helps me notice and appreciate it.

So what were some of your favorite things from this past week? xx

Saturday, March 07, 2015


This is something I wrote last year after coming home from X-Men: Days of Future Past - last night I watched DOFP (I love that movie) for a second time and remembered it. I'm slightly embarrassed to put this here, but I still want to, so I am. Oh, and this song is so beautiful: Hope (Xavier's Theme), by John Ottman.

The strength of his heart was the strength of his gift, and his heart was broken. When one falls and breaks their heart there are few ropes strong enough to pull them back onto their feet. But one is hope.

The mind is a fragile and beautiful thing; and it is so easy to trick oneself into believing a falsity in order to relieve a burden or pain. He told himself that he was afraid of the pain in the voices he heard. But he had fallen down and broken his heart and perhaps it was his own pain that he feared. He needed to be thrown the strong rope of hope so that he might stand again and listen to the voices. Because when one listens they begin to care. And when one cares their heart grows bigger than they could have ever believed possible and stronger than they would have imagined. The strength of his heart was his strength itself. His gift was to carry the burdens of others and in doing so he became the strongest of them all, because he had strength in his heart to hope, even for the world.


Sunday, March 01, 2015

This Week, Feb. 22


Having the window open and listening to the rain
Going on a long hike and it being really (I mean really) windy
Watching random movie clips with my mom from POTC and Narnia and other things
How doing math makes my brain feel so calmed down and clear
Pretty light on the trees
Watching Captain America: The First Avenger -  I love superhero movies (and Steve and Bucky)

favorite song:
The Winter Soldier, by Henry Jackman (from the Captain America 2 soundtrack)
Gathering Stories, by Jonsi

favorite  quotes:
"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

"Not today." Captain Steve Rogers

Guys I'm so excited 'cause I ordered Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection by Ed Brubaker yesterday and it should come sometime the middle of this week. I haven't read any Marvel comics before. I can't wait.
If you hadn't noticed I'm going through a Marvel phase. It's a good thing.

Hope you all have a good week. xx