Wednesday, July 02, 2014

In June

Learning Life Lessons Over Stale Popcorn.  Inspirational quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
|| This is the 100th post on A Free Mind! Thanks for reading. xx ||

The Poetic Edda, translated by Lee M. Hollander
This book is very cool. I especially enjoyed the first half, as it concerns the AEsir, the race of gods in Norse mythology which includes Odin, Frigga, Thor, and Loki. I enjoy reading about those characters. :) Though I must say that, as portrayed in the Edda, I don't think much of Odin. And I do like Thor. It was slightly confusing at first though because most of the names in the Edda are different than in other stories. I assume they're the older versions of the names. Instead of 'Odin' it's 'Othin,' and Frigga is Frigg. The book is made up of a bunch of lays; some connect with each other but most stand alone. The second half of the book has to do mainly with the history and stories of the hero Sigurd.  
I would definitely recommend the translation by Hollander; he adds a lot of footnotes to each page explaining name meanings and simply adding a lot of depth of understanding. A lot of words are used with their old meanings which was a little confusing (weird means fate or destiny) and a lot of simply old words (like weregild - payment for taking a life, usually money - and welkin - the sky/heavens), which is always cool. Also, instead of simply saying, for example, sword, it says 'wand-of-wounds.' The last lay lists a number of dwarfs' names, some of which are Fili, Kili, Bifur, Bofur, Bomber, Nori, Gandalf, Thrain, Thorin, and Durin. I thought that was cool. :)
If you're interested in reading the Poetic Edda I'd really recommend first reading The Children of Odin, the two books tell the same stories, for the most part, but having read Children of Odin the Edda meant a lot more than it would have otherwise; there are a lot of references in it to stories that it assumes the reader already knows. Plus I really like Children of Odin. :)
Walter Mitty, by James Thurber (short story)
Othello, by Shakespeare (audiobook)

Once Upon a Time
Dragons: Riders of Berk - Watched just a few episodes - small people wanted to watch it. By 'small' I mean little, as in young. :)
*Thor: The Dark World
*The Amazing Spiderman
*X-Men: First Class, *X-Men, *X-Men: Origins, *X-Men 2, - I was getting the parents ready for DOFP. ;)
RoboCop - I didn't care for this one.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
Batman Begins
Batman: The Dark Knight

Did you read or watch anything last month that you liked especially?

Also, thanks to all of you that commented on my last post! xx

*movies/books I've watched/read before


  1. Congrats on getting to your 100th post!! :D How did you like the short story of Walter Mitty? I imagine it's pretty different from the movie. And you're watching The Dark Knight trilogy, huh? How are you liking that? :)

    I also saw Days of Future Past and Jack Ryan in June, and I read two pretty good books -- The Giver, in preparation for the movie in August, and a really cute murder mystery called Rules of Murder. :D

    1. Thanks Sarah! :D The short story was different, and it's pretty short too, after reading it I was surprised it was made into a movie, just because it's so short. But then I suppose the short story was really just inspiration for the movie, so yeah, it's not much like the movie in terms of plot. It's basically just 'a day in the life' and made interesting/entertaining because of Walter's imaginings. You can read it here, if you want. :)

      The Dark Knight...hmm...I'm still thinking about it. After I've thought my fill I'd like to write a review eventually. :) I'm not a big fan. I didn't care for the storytelling in either - especially the first. But I did like the first okay...I think if I saw it again I'd like it better. (I watched it starting around 1 am, which for me isn't the best time to enjoy a movie. :))
      The last scene in the first movie when Rachel is saying how Wayne's face is his mask and then near the end of the second when Bruce is saying something along the lines of he's the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs so he has to leave...I'm not a big fan of those two speeches.
      Have you seen any of the HISHE videos (how it should have ended)? From them I've come to absolutely love replying to any question with "because I'm Batman!" :D

      I want to go look up The Rules of Murder. :)


    2. Sorry, I forgot to check back on this comment for your reply so I just now saw it! That makes sense that it would be more of inspiration for the film than an actual adaptation. Thanks for the link! I'm gonna read it. :D

      I'd definitely like to see a full review for the Dark Knight Trilogy, but I'm sorry you didn't like it as much as it is hyped. Have you seen the Dark Knight Rises by now? I agree with you about the first speech that Rachel says, but I do like the other. I doesn't make much sense when you thing about it, but it sounds cool so I just don't think about it. ;)

      I love HISHE!! And Batman saying that is always the best part of any video! :D

    3. I actually saw Dark Knight Rises a couple of years ago, before seeing any of the others (I was watching it with some peps who had seen the others). I think the trilogy is definitely interesting, I'd like at some point to watch them all again, in order this time, when I'm not too tired to think about them as I watch 'em. I agree with you that that speech sounds cool, I think because it sounded cool I was drawn to it and wanted to understand it. But yeah, I'd like to write a review of it sometime later.

      Yay! You do! :D Gosh, some of them are so funny. They make fun of so many movies I love yet somehow it's not offensive, to me anyway. Maybe it's because I love the movies so much I don't mind it. The part in the one for Return of the Jedi (which is one of my favorite movies and has been since forever) when the storm troopers are fighting the ewoks and crying because they're so embarrassed and broken by the fact that the ewoks are completely defeating them even though they have full body armor and are trained soldiers is funny. And then an insane teddy bear flies out of the sky and crashes into them...then runs off making ewok noises.

      Yes! I love it when he says it! :D (Oh, and the ending for the one for Frozen is perfect.)


    4. Ah, okay, gotcha. Well, maybe the second time will make them even more enjoyable for you! And I'll look forward to reading your review someday. :)

      Yeah, they're great, and I know what you mean, usually I wouldn't like a movie I like being made fun of, but with HISHE it doesn't matter. I think it's because you can tell that the makers are big fans of the movies themselves with how much work they put into the videos and how respectful they are, and it makes a difference, and just gives it all a fun spirit. :) Oh yeah, that was a good one! One of my favorites is actually the Dark Knight one -- the beginning is hilarious. And I nearly died from the ending of the Frozen one! :D

      I read Walter Mitty, and I see now, it is very short! But it's still good. :)

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations on your 100th post! That's so exciting. :)
    ~ S. F.

    1. Thanks so much S.F.! :D It is exciting for me. :)


  3. X men and Spiderman! I liked those.

    1. I really like those too, especially X-Men. :)


  4. I read Walter Mitty recently, after I watched the movie. It's quite the little story.

    1. I thought it was interesting, and different. :)

      Thanks for commenting Lydia!