Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Liebster Award

Rose, Natalie, and Jana nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you each very much! (They're very cool peps so you may want to go check out their blogs.)

The Rules (Though they're more like 'guidelines,' and they seem to have changed as this award gets older...I've merged the sets of rules that came with the different nominations.): 
Link to the blog that nominated you for the award. 
Answer the 11 questions given to you.
List 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate some bloggers that have less than 200 followers.
Create 11 questions for the bloggers you've nominated.
Notify them that they've been nominated.

Rose's (The Golden Roadquestions:

1 An anonymous someone drops a note on your front porch saying that they will fund a trip to either England, an African Safari, Prince Edward Island, or Italy.  Which do you choose?  Why?
England. Because of its history; because it's cool. I'd love to go there...actually I've been making a list of all the particular places there that I'd like to go to. (Like the Rabbit Room in the Eagle & Child. Because that. would. be. so. cool.) :) It would be really cool to go to Africa sometime too. (Wouldn't it be awesome to climb a mountain in Africa, in the night, and then watch the sun rise while listening to Circle of Life?)

2 You're being forced to re-do your room.  What color do you paint it?
Actually, the walls are wood panel, so I can't paint them. Well, technically I could.  If I did, probably a light color, maybe blue, I love blue. It's a good color. Or a milky white. 

3 Do you have a particular song that you listen to often, but it never seems to get old?  If so, what is it?They're mainly instrumental. There's The Force Theme & Across the Stars (John Williams), Irene's Theme (David Arnold and Micheal Price), What Shall We Die For & At Wit's End (Hans Zimmer), etc. (You can tell I like movie soundtracks.) Also, possibly my favorite, Up is Down (Hans Zimmer). :)

4 Would you rather be lounging in the sun on the beach reading a good book or adventuring in the waves?

Hmm... *brain loading* What about just running down the beach, on and on, (preferably at night) with some good music?

5 You suddenly end up with two twin kittens.  One is a girl; one is a boy.  What do you name them?
I give them to my cat-loving friends and let them decide. Kittens are cute, and I know cats can be wonderful pets, but I'm a dog person.

6 You're organizing a get together with friends.  Would you choose a picnic or a movie night?
Both. Picnics in the summer are wonderful. Cold lemonade...and ants getting everywhere (but that never really matters) and laughing.

7 What is your pet peeve?
People reading over my shoulder, it makes me nervous or something. Haha.

8 Is there a new hobby you've been wanting to try out?
I want to learn computer coding. It's seems like it would be so cool to play with. Also photography. :)

9 If you could pick one instrument that you would (without any effort on your part) instantly master, which would you choose?
Violin. I'd love the be able to play Irene's Theme on it. And *yay* I've started taking lessons!

10 Would you like to be snowed inside for a week?
At the moment, no. I'd rather be rained in for a week (is that even a thing?). I'm getting a little tired of the cold and I'm missing rain. :)

11 Pick the closest book to you that you've read.  What is your favorite character in the book?
I'm at my dad's desk...hmm...Heroes of Asgard (A. & E. Keary) is on the bookshelf next to me, I like that book a lot. Favorite character? There's Odin, and Thor (of course), Frigga...I'll say Odin (as portrayed it that book). 

Natalie's (Living Life DifferentQuestions: 

1 What genre of music do you like? ( for example, rock, techno, pop, dance/club, hip-hop, rap, rock n roll, jazz)
Pop-opera, Jazz, Classical, Rock & Roll, Hip-hop, Pop...but I mostly listen to movie soundtracks. :)

2 Do you listen to Pandora?
I used to, now I use Grooveshark.

3 What is your favorite band?
I don't really know a band that I'd call favorite, but I like the Piano Guys, Imagine Dragons, One Direction, Alison Krauss and Union Station, etc. :)

4 Are you a fangirl?
I wouldn't call myself a fangirl, but I'm certainly a fan. And a girl. Hmm.

5 What style house do you prefer?
Style...hmm...I like the old English mansions, they're beautiful. I don't really know what that style would be called though, or a lot about house styles in general. I suppose I should try to change that. I like formal/fancy (but not too fancy or formal), not-too-crowded rooms with maps and mirrors and paintings and quotes on the walls and dark wood floors (not the yellowish kind of wood) and warm lights and high ceilings (except in bedrooms and those sorts of rooms). And ferns. And always tidy. :) I like the beach house style too, the blues and whites and simplicity. I love the beach.

6 Do you watch tv every night?
No, too many books to read and brownies to be made (and eaten) and things to be written and stuff to do. :)

7 Do you drink coffee?
I love to smell coffee as my sister drinks it, it smells...divine...but it usually doesn't taste like that when I drink it. I wish it did. Maybe someday - I used to not like dark chocolate either, but not any more. Definitely not anymore. ;)
8 Are you organized?
I find it kinda difficult to work in untidy places, so, yes, I'm organized.

9 How many hours a day do you spend on your school work?
Dawn till dusk.
Haha, no. But I'm home schooled so it can be like that sometimes.

10 How old are you?

11 What color is your refrigerator? (random question)

Jana's (Jana's Faith) questions. 
1. perfect day?
Just, you know, a day. I like the ones when I learn something cool and accomplish something worthwhile. When adventures happen or I get to travel somewhere new - those are good. When tea is made early in the morning.  I like the days that feel sparkly and good when I think about them afterwards.

2. favorite drink? 
Tea. Milk. Depends. Tea, though, definitely tea. 
3. best song?
I haven't the foggiest. :)

4. favorite blog(s)?
Well, I made a "links" page, so if you're interested it's over on the sidebar. But really, each blog is different from the rest and special in its own way - because of the person who writes it.

5. favoritest superhero & why?
Thor. Steven Rogers. But my backup answer is Iron Man. ;)  
6. earliest memory?
It's hard to say which of my early memories comes first, you know?

7. weirdest thing you've ever done?
I think I'll leave this unanswered. Thank you. *bows out quickly*

8. biggest fear?
Fear. Really though, I don't know. I'm only afraid of things beforehand and it's all in my head, and it's hard to measure the stuff in my head. 

9. signature lotion/scent?
I'm not sure what that means. PG Tips tea?

10. best DQ blizzard?
I don't remember the last time I went to Dairy Queen, so I can't really say. But chocolate's always good. Oh, and oreo stuff is good. :)

11. best band in the world?
I think we may have done this one already. :)

Eleven Random Facts:
1 The bookmark in my journal is a picture of the Tardis.
2 I love the smells of dog kibble, strawberry jam, and wet pavement. 
3 My favorite doctor is Eleven.
4 Rain makes me feel content.
5 I'm trying to figure out what kind of camera to get (I want it for taking good quality videos as well as pictures). I'm looking at the DSLR Canons...any suggestions? :)
6 I think it would be really cool to take economics as a major in college. History + math + logic + those kinds of things = happy me. 
7 I've been doing a lot of math recently while watching OUAT and DW, it's funny because I actually do it faster and just as well as (it not better than) I do it without watching anything. That's now one of my favorite things to do; math + tea + cranberries + OUAT or DW = happy me. (I keep doing plus - plus - equals...I'll stop now.)
8 I'm a third of the way through reading The Poetic Edda and it's really cool. It's Norse mythology; I thought it was funny because the first line in which Thor is mentioned says "thewy Thor..." It sounds so funny in your mouth if you say it out loud. ;) 
9 I had to wake up at 3:15 a few mornings ago to go on an airplane. But I love flying. :)
10 Apparently Gotham is an old word for New York. *Information obtained from sister.* 
11 I love the Air & Space museum, and when it was in Captain America 2 I was just like "oh, I love that place *tears*." :) (I did actually. Hmm.)

My Questions:
1 How are you today? 
2 Who's a favorite fictional character of yours?
3 If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?
4 You're on an island, doesn't matter what type, and there's a box. What's in the box?
5 What's a random word you like and how would you define it?
6 When and why did you start blogging and what do you like most about it? Why do you keep on blogging?
7 What's your favorite dessert?
8 Cute, cool, or neither? What style(s) do you like? 
9 What's something you're looking forward to doing or seeing or learning this summer? 
10 What's something that, for whatever reason, you personally find hard to do?
11 What kind of movies do you like best? Why? (Sci-fi, romance, drama, comedy, oldie-goldie, etc.) 


  1. Thanks for awarding me! I'll do the post soon.


  2. Enjoyed reading your answers, and oh my gosh, that is the best gif ever. =) You do these question-answer-thingies really well. xox

    1. Thanks, Hannah. Love you. :) I know, I love it! :D I was trying to think of a tea-related pic and suddenly remembered that scene in The Lodger...I loved that part. :)


  3. So sweet, I don't do tags, but thank you for thinking of me! Running on the beach sounds perfect.

    1. Sure. :) Doesn't it though?


  4. You have a great blog! :)

    Well I was wondering if we could follow each other via bloglovin, gfc, instagram, twitter, facebook and g+? Do visit my blogs and let me know in comments where you follow and I will follow back from both my blogs!! :)


    1. Hey Charu, thanks! :) I'd love to check out your blog.


  5. Lovely post !xxKind of in love with your blog!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  6. Love your answers, and the doctor gif! So glad I found your blog.

    Martha x

    1. Thanks Martha! I love that gif's just great. :D


  7. Brilliant answers! :) And your questions are. . .wow. . .I admit now mine aren't as creative as the ones you came up with (and the ones that my sister Les came up with, for a fact. ☺)
    ~ S. F.

    1. Thanks S.F.! :) Haha, I'm glad you like them. I think your questions were - and are - just great! And I'm looking forward to answering them at some point. :)

      Thanks for commenting! <3


  8. Thanks so much for the nomination!!! I always love reading your posts :) I'll do the Liebster award post soon!

    1. Sure! Thanks Chole. :)