Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Blog Anniversary

So, today a year ago I started this blog. I just want to say, you all are awesome and great blogger-friends. I've really enjoyed writing on this blog and a big reason for that are your comments and support. You all are so kind, and I really appreciate it.

You know, it's funny, 'cause I never even thought of writing movie reviews when I started this blog, and now that's what I mainly write on here. I love writing them, and it's fun to talk about stories with different people. It makes me happy that there are other people who love the same stories I do, like I do, and are interested in the same things.
It's a wonderful feeling to know that people read my posts.Your thoughts make blogging truly interesting. It's neat to have this opportunity of talking about stuff with people that I wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity of meeting outside of Blogger. I love reading your blogs. Y'all are cool.

So, thanks.

First Blogiversary; 90 posts/76 followers on GFC, 46 on Bloglovin'/10008 pageviews/790 comments

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Divergent Review

Director Neil Burger
Rating PG-13
Time 139 min.
Studio Red Wagon Entertainment, Summit Entertainment
Stars Shailene Woodley, Theo JamesKate Winslet
Soundtrack  Junkie XL (Two songs I really like: I Won't Let You Go & Choosing Dauntless)

Set in the future, the story of Divergent takes place in a city which has been walled off from the outside world and strictly organized for an utopian society in which everyone is segregated into five groups based on their personality types. These five groups include Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), and Candor (the honest). Those that have failed their faction or have been cast out of it for any reason are the Factionless, beggars on the streets. 

The different factions fulfill different roles in society, Dauntless, for example, are the police and keepers of the peace and of the law. On a certain day each year, sixteen year olds from all factions chose which faction they will spend the rest of their lives in. Before making this decision they are put through a test which is designed to help them know which faction they fit into. 

Divergent is the story of a girl who doesn't fit into any one of the factions, she has the qualities of all of them. Her test outcome is called divergent. The problem is certain people are afraid of divergents and consider them to be dangerous because they don't conform, they stand out, and they're different.

I love the scene when Tris is tested mentally in Dauntless. She has to face her worst fears, calm herself down and escape. She's trapped in a glass box filling with water. It's terrifying. But fear turns her on. In the glass walls of her cage she sees herself reflected as in a mirror, the Abnegation (the faction she grew up in) shun vanity and seldom use mirrors, mirrors in her mind are a reminder of vanity, vanity of sliding away from the truth. In a sense, fear is losing sight of reality. She looks at the glass, taps it with the tip of her finger, says, this isn't real, and it breaks. 

*spoilers* I love the part when Four isn't in control or conscious of himself and he's fighting Tris. They fight but finally Tris is beaten and Four aims the gun at her and looks away to shoot, because when he isn't conscious of anything he's still afraid in his subconscious of shooting an innocent person, and the only way he can is to look away. Tris knows why he looks away and forces him to look at her, forcing his fear to turn him on.