Friday, January 17, 2014

Sunshine Award

"For bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere."

The lovely Leslie  who blogs at Beauté Imparfait awarded this blog the Sunshine Award. Thanks Les! <3

The rules are:

I. thank the blogger that nominated you and link to his/her blog
II. nominate other bloggers and let them know on their blogs
III. answer a list of ten questions
IV. the Sunshine Award button must be posted on your blog

The Ten Questions: (you can either answer these questions or make up your own 10 questions and answer those):

1. What is your favorite Scripture verse?
That changes pretty often, but here's one.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
John 1:1-5
2. Would you sacrifice your life if it would save that of a stranger's?
Well. I suppose all I can really say is I certainly I hope I would. It would have to be the right person, stranger, that is. And there would need to be a good reason. There always needs to be a good reason for choices like that - any choice really - I mean, this is life and death we're talking! But yes, sure, definitely. It'd be fun.

3. Given a chance to swim with dolphins . . . would you accept?
So I'm not a good swimmer - but for a dolphin? I always think of dolphins as a little like golden retrievers, sweetness-wise, I mean (elephants also seem to fit into the group). I love golden retrievers. So, yes, of course. I mean, gee, they smile (and not in a morbid way like crocodiles)!

4. Are you more "fascinated" by the light or by the darkness; why?
I'm taking Astronomy this year in school and it is so, so neat! I've been learning a lot about light recently... white/visible light, gamma rays, x-rays, infrared, etc. etc. But to cut to the point: at the moment I'd say light. However, the dark is good for making up stories. ;) 
But that question was meant metaphorically, was it not? and there I was missing. the. point. Oopsy-daisy!

5. Can you speak with a different accent?
Yes, but it's not - how shall I say it? - pretty.

6. Do you play an instrument?
Yes, I play the guitar, a little. At any rate, I'm learning it. And I'd like to learn violin sometime.

7. Has the ocean ever filled your dreams?
Oh, shucks. Yes. My dreams are often filled with salt water. The last time I remember a dream with the ocean in it it had something to do with a city full of Mexican style houses that were being overrun with tidal waves and me gripping the edge of the wall of a building made of cement-like material with my back to the wall, and watching in front of me, just a few feet away, a gigantic wave towering higher and higher and about to. crash. down. The story was about more than just a tsunami, but I don't remember much else, except that Loki was there too.

8. Presuming you own one, how often is your journal put to use?
Every night; I like to keep a record of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas, plus, it's good practice for writing!

9. Why one earth (pun intended) would anyone wish to rule the world?
Well, for some people I guess it could start out simply with ambition...and then after a time power corrupts. Evil twists, and mad men exist. I'm sure there are plenty more reasons but I'm tired and stuck in my head is: 

10. What is your favorite hymn?
I like all the Easter hymns...Rock of Ages and all those beauties.

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  1. oh girl--thank you! this is going to pull me back into the blogger world again after "brief" break haha

    AND OMCHEESESTICKS ARE YOU A SHERLOCK FAN?? :OOOO i love the bbc rendition of it, although i heard robert downey was pretty good ((:

    1. You're welcome! :) Hehe, breaks can be very nice though. :)

      YES, I AM! YOU ARE TOO? THIS IS JOYOUS NEWS!!!! HALLOOOLOW!!! :D Yes, I love the BBC rendition, and the books of course. :) I haven't seen the Robert Downey Jr. movies though ... yet. They look like they're pretty different from the books.... :)

  2. ehehe, your answers are as brilliant as i knew they would be. and now, having been informed that long comments are acceptable, i shall proceed to tell you my favourite bits of every single q+a (just because :) ―

    1. i must memorise that wonderful passage, for it brings me deep peace just reading it here! <3

    2. you expound my feelings precisely. *applauds* also, it's not really a question to be taken lightly, is it?

    3. dolphins reminisce of golden retrievers . . . yup, this is too darling (golden retrievers just may be my favourite kind of dog, so that helped with the feels and all).

    4. as a metaphor or not, it really doesn't matter. but, uh, "the dark is good for making up stories." <-- there you go again, reading my mind! o.O

    5. come now, i have a feeling your accent-imitation isn't all that bad! (aye?)

    6. someday i will learn to play the guitar and the violin; for now, dreams will have to suffice. but darling, follow yours!

    7. . . . that is one epic, albeit highly-intsense, dream. wow. thou couldst write a story about it, if thou hadst the desire. it soundeth worthy of becoming one. down to, er, loki being in there somewhere.

    8. HUZZAH! another person who writes every night! i can't tell you how happy it makes me to find ones like that. bless you. :)

    9. *cough* why, moriarty. why did you have to sneak into this perfectly lovely post? *cough* let me guess, you're telling us why in the gif. *cough* ;)

    10. oh, so do i! there are just soooo many to pick from, though. -.-

    well, if ever you do mind these epistle-long notes, don't hesitate to tell moi.

    love, les xx

    1. 1. It really is so beautiful. I've memorized just the first bit of it but I need to finish memorizing the's such a nice thing to be able to pull up from one's memory.

      2. Agreed, it's not.

      3. Really? Goldens are my favorite too! :)

      4. Hehe, it's good for imagining. <3

      5. Your confidence is very encouraging (really).

      6. Oh, you must learn! Then we can play all our favorite movie themes together! (Like the Hobbit music and such....)

      7. Yes, 'twas a strange vision indeed. Methinks the presence of Loki in the midst was strangeness beyond compare. If my memory serves me well, he was leading a sort of villainous army composed of extraterrestrial beings... 'Twas an odd night.

      8. HUZZAZZAMOUS! Another person who writes every night! Makes me so happy...sometimes I almost thought I was the only one.... :)

      9. lol

      10. Aren't they great!? :)

      I don't mind them at all at all, I love reading your comments Les, the long, the short, the thoughtful, the funny, etc. etc.! :)


  3. Hiya, S! I re-nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You don't have to "do" everything again, but I just thought I would tell you. =)


    1. ps. Thanks for nominating me!

    2. Well, thank you very much! :) And you're quite welcome. xx

    3. Love the Moriarty gif!

  4. I like your answer about the dolphins. :D