Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Final Countdown

Apparently my brother thinks I'm a total goose for liking this song. But then there's always the strong likelihood that he never actually listened to it.... Not that any one has to like it just 'cause I do. Anyway, I think it has a good beat.


  1. ROLLING ON FLOOR LAUGH. OMG I've heard the opening of this song a million times because it's used in the comedy show Arrested Development as the opening music to Gob's very cheesy magic show. I've never actually heard the whole thing or what it was called! I'm laughing so hard right now though, 'cause all I can see is Gob being very over-dramatic and throwing dead doves into the air (the show is very funny.)

    I don't think you're a goose for liking this, it does have a good beat!

    I got a good kick out of this! Thanks!


  2. Hahah that's too funny! :D

    Thank you, I appreciate that!


  3. Oh yeah, this song is awesome! So much better than the most the modern rubbish that people listen to. This song was on my Rock Band video game and played it a lot.


    1. Glad you like too! Yeah. :)